Handmade from scratch every single day

Under the guidance of head pastry chef Jesus Mendoza, the bakers’ day begins at 3:00am. We are hard at work preparing the baked goods that continue throughout the day. Come in at anytime and the air is filled with the warmth and comfort of baking – and it’s all for you!

Call for Special Order Custom and Wedding Cakes or placing orders for our daily offerings in advance  650.854.6207

Gluten Free items our speciality! 

    • Focaccia Bread

    • Cinnamon Bread (with and without pecans)

    • Fresh Apple Streussal

    • Pies – Cakes

    • Napoleons – Cream Puffs – Eclairs

    • Tea Cakes & Sweetbreads

    • Cupcakes

    • Chocolate Chip Cookies (4 types!)

    • tea cookies & fruit bars

    • Muffins/Danish/Croissants

    • Quiche

    • Non-Gluten: Muffins, Cookies, Cakes

    • Wedding Cakes

    • Custom cakes by special order